BOSTON TOWN PROPERTIES specializes in buyer’s representation, sales, relocations, and residential leasing in Brookline, Newton, and Boston proper. Our clients entrust us with their home searches and property portfolios, in turn we treat this as a fiduciary responsibility. With years of experience in these areas, we have extensive knowledge of neighborhoods and properties street by street. We take seriously the financial dimensions of real estate, in terms of property valuations, market dynamics, and personal finance. We are attuned to architectural and landscaping significance as well as community identities and municipal amenities. We welcome the opportunity to work with you.


A good purchase process relies on the integration of several factors: the buyer’s clarity re: his/her own needs, the buyer’s grasp of current market dynamics, and the buyer-broker relationship as a vehicle for garnering strategic information and expertise. A buyer must navigate a broad range of potential obstacles, including impersonal market forces, time sensitive demands, process uncertainties, and lateral competition from other bidders. The complexity of the process makes it imperative that the buyer command key information influencing the purchase decision and sale process.A thorough due diligence review on the part of the broker-buyer team and should enable the buyer to proceed with conviction and thus to negotiate tactically – yielding what is insubstantial and positioning for what is critical. Knowing how a property in its current or potential state fits one’s aspirations; where value and price diverge; and when a specific property must be vigorously sought to the final acquisition step of deed conveyance is the marathon effort of a healthy purchase process. Use the form to the right to browse listings in your area or INQUIRE  to learn more. Learn More.


The sale process should mix optimal presentation of the property, pricing strategy, and deal stewardship. Optimal presentation serves to highlight a property’s salient features. Pricing strategy positions the property for a vibrant, healthy auction. Deal stewardship entails the dedicated, best buyer being identified and the transaction process handled such that obstacles are overcome, trust and confidence are maintained, and final deal terms seem to each side to be reasonable and ideally optimal. This process is achieved via a trusting seller-broker relationship, attuned knowledge of the market, and painterly precision around what touches to make, to ensure that the picture — the negotiations to final conveyance — is well constituted. Use the form to the right to browse listings in your area or INQUIRE to learn more.  to learn more or to list your property with us. Learn More.


Whether you are looking for a short or long-term rental we have the resources to assist you. We offer the following services to our rental clients: analysis of comparable properties; proprietary neighborhood reviews; building specific inquiries; deleaded and pet-friendly searches; step by step document processing assistance; service around short-term or long-term tenancies; as well as creative, non-traditional and alternative credit/income/asset verification. Use the form to the right to browse listings in your area or INQUIRE  to learn more. Learn More.


We provide landlords with a range of services, along with professional judgment reflecting countless hours in the field. Such services include: thoughtful assessment of prospective tenants and detailed review of their application packages; credit, income, asset, and liability analysis; pet breed/background reference inquiries; current and prior landlord as well as employment reviews; insightful lease drafting and efficient processing; comparable apartments/homes rent analysis; property enhancement and payback period analysis; collaborative communication with tenants re: issue resolution. Use the form to the
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Our relocation services are provided on a retainer basis. We have served and been referred clients from many countries, including Japan, Turkey, Ireland, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Canada, Brazil, and others. Our relocation services provide clients with a customized orientation to the Greater Boston area to help them make the best choice for their housing and lifestyle needs. The two main aspects of the relocation process are home area identification and property selection. For the first, we facilitate the client’s acquisition of in-depth knowledge of towns and neighborhoods, as well as the resources to gain insight into relocation priorities, such as schools, commuting logistics, shopping, and cultural and other amenities. For selecting a preferred home, be it a rental or a purchase, a single family home, condo or apartment, we make available our complete understanding re: availability of types of properties and pricing. We offer a reliable process of area tours; property visits; photo documentation and custom layouts; general due diligence; assistance with offer preparation; negotiations; lease review and fulfillment; as well as processing of funds; and, finally, entry coordination and follow-up. Use the form to the right to browse listings in your area or INQUIRE  to learn more. Learn More.


We act as advisors to real estate investors and developers, whether these are professional investors with large portfolios or individuals entering real estate acquisition as a way of diversifying their investment/retirement planning. We understand how to tailor our contribution to investors’ searches based on their level of involvement with properties. We have enabled clients to identify off-market properties; to secure on-market properties via pre-emptive bidding; to acquire singular properties in highly competitive auction environments; and to identify potential upside that was not otherwise evident, this based on reconfiguration, zoning, condo rule allowances, and interior re-design. We pay careful attention to value, historical prices, market perceptions, and optionality. We advocate for a disciplined approach to real estate acquisition. We adhere to the adage that with real estate one makes one’s money at the point of purchase, not when one sells. We have been involved in 1031 exchanges; foreclosure and bankruptcy sales; distressed properties; succession plan; . The residential real estate market can be highly inefficient as far as the disconnect between price and value. This offers patient and thoughtful investors excellent opportunities for earning superior risk-adjusted returns. Use the form to the
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Because we take a holistic approach to personal finance and real estate transactions, clients look to us for real estate-related financial insight. Owners of multi-family housing may be considering a condominium conversion and sale. Family members may be seeking an appraisal on which to alter ownership arrangements within the family. An investor may be looking at improvements and seeking to know payback periods or internal rates of returns for different choices. While we defer to and work with attorneys and CPAs as appropriate on specialist issues, we are entirely capable of handling complex financial analyses. A condominium or single family home buyer may simply want to understand the monthly cash flow impact of a purchase at price level X versus price level Y, or the cost and financial realities of a home equity loan/line. Financial sensitivity analysis, scenario analysis, and probability-adjusted observations re: real estate and personal finances are extremely valuable for gaining perspective and confidence. On balance, it is prudent and creative advice that clients wish to complement their planning and considerations. Use the form to the right to browse listings in your area or INQUIRE  to learn more or to list your property with us. Learn More.