Financial Analysis


Financial insight on real estate ownership.

Because we take a holistic approach to personal finance and real estate transactions, clients look to us for real estate-related financial insight. Owners of multi-family housing may be considering a condominium conversion and sale. Family members may be seeking an appraisal on which to alter ownership arrangements within the family. An investor may be looking at improvements and seeking to know payback periods or internal rates of returns for different choices. While we defer to and work with attorneys and CPAs as appropriate on specialist issues, we are entirely capable of handling complex financial analyses. A condominium or single family home buyer may simply want to understand the monthly cash flow impact of a purchase at price level X versus price level Y, or the cost and financial realities of a home equity loan/line. Financial sensitivity analysis, scenario analysis, and probability-adjusted observations re: real estate and personal finances are extremely valuable for gaining perspective and confidence. On balance, it is prudent and creative advice that clients wish to complement their planning and considerations.

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