Real estate is an advantaged asset class.

We act as advisors to real estate investors and developers, whether these are professional investors with large portfolios or individuals entering real estate acquisition as a way of diversifying their investment/retirement planning. We understand how to tailor our contribution to investors’ searches based on their level of involvement with properties. We have enabled clients to identify off-market properties; to secure on-market properties via pre-emptive bidding; to acquire singular properties in highly competitive auction environments; and to identify potential upside that was not otherwise evident, this based on reconfiguration, zoning, condo rule allowances, and interior re-design. We pay careful attention to value, historical prices, market perceptions, and optionality. We advocate for a disciplined approach to real estate acquisition. We adhere to the adage that with real estate one makes one’s money at the point of purchase, not when one sells. We have been involved in 1031 exchanges; foreclosure and bankruptcy sales; distressed properties; succession planning; and other complex situations. The residential real estate market can be highly inefficient as far as the disconnect between price and value. This offers patient and thoughtful investors excellent opportunities for earning superior risk-adjusted returns.


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