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Our relocation services are provided on a retainer basis. We have served and been referred clients from many countries, including Japan, Turkey, Ireland, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Canada, Brazil, and others. Our relocation services provide clients with a customized orientation to the Greater Boston area to help them make the best choice for their housing and lifestyle needs. The two main aspects of the relocation process are home area identification and property selection. For the first, we facilitate the client’s acquisition of in-depth knowledge of towns and neighborhoods, as well as the resources to gain insight into relocation priorities, such as schools, commuting logistics, shopping, and cultural and other amenities. For selecting a preferred home, be it a rental or a purchase, a single family home, condo or apartment, we make available our complete understanding re: availability of types of properties and pricing. We offer a reliable process of area tours; property visits; photo documentation and custom layouts; general due diligence; assistance with offer preparation; negotiations; lease review and fulfillment; as well as processing of funds; and, finally, entry coordination and follow-up.


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